Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Express Your Emotions...

Emotions are extremely important to express, otherwise they die and are buried forever in our heart. This slow process makes our heart hard and emotion-resistant. Thats why people become heartless sometimes. Expressing emotions is such a big deal in modern era that we are always told about what emotions a female can express and what a male can express. We have this gender discrimination to such an extent that our kids have stopped showing their true feelings to their parents. There is always some fear behind every truth. Why are we pushing ourselves so much? Why can’t we say it what we actually feel? I believe expressing your trueself should be as acceptable as our fundamental rights, which we never fail to claim. Expressing ourselves should be our right as a human being, not as a male/female.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


तुम उस छुट्टी की सुबह से हो,
जिसमें बस अच्छा लगता है।
जिसे बिताना नहीं होता,
बल्कि भरपूर जीना होता है।
तुम उस चाय के जैसे हो,
जिसे पीने के लिए वजह नहीं चाहिये,
बस ज़रूरत होती है।

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Tastes like a last piece of bread to a poor,
Smells like soil after first rain,
Feels like a hug to a devastated person,
Looks like a ray of light after darkness,

Sounds like your favourite song on a distant land.

Monday, August 28, 2017

क्योंकि हमारी सीरत ही ऐसी है....

हम बातचीत नहीं करते अब, बहस करते हैं।
ख़ुद को सही साबित करने की हर कोशिश करते हैं।
फिर चाहे वो किसी का दिल दुखा कर हो या दोस्ती तोड़कर।
हमें तो बस ख़ुद से मतलब है, और यही जीने की नयी रीत है।

क्या हो जाएगा अगर हम अपनी बात साबित ना करें तो?
क्या हो जाएगा अगर हम तर्क में हार जाएँ तो?
कितनी बार हमने दूसरे की पूरी बात सुनी?
कितनी बार हम ग़लत साबित होने पर हंस पड़े?
कब हमने बहस को हँसी में उड़ाते हुए दोस्त को गले लगाया?
कब हमने अपनी ग़लतियों को सबके सामने माना?

हाँ, हम शिकायतें करने से नहीं चूकते,
और ना ही दूसरों की कमियाँ गिनवाने में कोई कसर छोड़ते।
बस यही किया है हमने ताउम्र,
और शायद आगे भी करते रहेंगे।
क्योंकि यहाँ फ़ुरसत ही नहीं है कि,
दो पल थमे और सोचे की हम कहाँ हैं, क्यूँ हैं, क्या कर रहे हैं?

भेड़चाल है, सब बस चले ही जा रहे हैं।

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I Want To Grow Old Like You.....

Recently I went to a multiplex, and as there was still some time to go before they allow us to enter the hall, I thought to have some cardamom tea. I took my tea and sat next to two old ladies (either sisters or friends) who must be in their late 70s or early 80s. One was draped in a beautiful floral print saree and other one was in a beautiful Chikankari suit. Both looked affluent with their 'Tag Heuer' spectacles, expensive watches and 'Da Milano/ Hidesign' handbags. One was calm while other was talkative.

The one in suit, looked at me and asked me very politely 'From where did you get tea, Beta?' I showed her the counter, and then i asked- 'Can I help you with that?' She chuckled and said -'No Beta, I'll get that, its been a while since we had this kind of outing! Its so exciting'. I was so happy to see those expressions on her wrinkled yet beautiful face. I smiled at her. Then they both talked about ticket collection after online booking. One in suit said- 'Bahut bheed hai wahan par, aur tumhare phone ki screen wahan tak jaate jaate band ho jaati hai. How this thing would switch on?' looking at iPhone. I wanted to offer some help but then I thought let them enjoy this outing, but I didn't leave as i wanted to make sure they don't end up missing on their movie. So i sat back and waited.

The one in saree turned to me- i am sorry to bother you but which way is to washroom? I replied- No problem Ma'am, this way. She came after a while and said to the other one- you wait here i'll go and collect the tickets. And after that we will have cardamom tea together. And after that they actually gave each other a High-five. I couldn't hold myself and said- 'I am so glad to see you both having so much fun. I would love to grow old like you'. They laughed and one of them patted on my shoulder and said- 'Be yourself, no matter what they say, is the key my dear.'

I was amazed to see their energy and enthusiasm. I was like 'OMG, High-five, wow.' I want this kind of old age. They went ahead towards ticket counter and i was smiling endlessly with their words lingering in my thoughts. Our elders can always give us new meanings of life anytime. What a superb time I spent there in those 20 minutes.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tolerance & Compassion....What's That?

Tolerance is probably going towards extinction in some years down the line, by looking at the way people react on small things in a gigantic manner. Why so much fuss? Why so much anger? Why so much impatience? Come on, we are human being not some out-of-control animal. I hope people know the basic difference between the two. 

Younger generation has more intolerance towards things in general. Aggression, hate, anger, impatient are terms probably got in place of peace, love, compassion and patience. Adding hate feelings towards anyone does more damage to the person holding it, rather than to someone else.

Its not necessary to react on every damn situation just to prove your point. Well that doesn't serve the purpose. Anger is different, it may come and go. We must not hold a grudge for too long. We have all the rights to get angry with someone, but we don't have rights to be cruel towards anyone physically or mentally. Don't leave a person in a feeling of loneliness or being unloved. Thats the worst possible damage.
And then feel victorious. No its not a moment to rejoice. 

Ego, anger for anger, taking revenge, all this will make any situation a disaster. Its upto us whether we make it or break  it. World desperately needs love, as there is enough hate already. People should not be bullied for being different, behaving differently or for having different opinions. And the question in case is 'Who says that you are the only correct one here?' Think about it.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Love Is Worth Fighting For....

Being loved by someone is a blessing but loving someone is courage!!

Courage....thats not only required to fight the world but also to fight yourself. It is required when your mind tells you that your heart is going to be broken into pieces but your heart just deny that thought. When you hold yourself from crying and your heart clings on that person. Courage is required when you can't hate that person for breaking your heart and you still are ready to give all your love to that person. Loving someone is surely not a weakness, it requires lots of strength. Probably thats why once heartbroken and shattered people become emotionally really strong. Once you get over that heartbreak, you can get over anything.

Second opinion:

Imagine the situation of other person who is not on the same frequency as of yours on the field called LOVE. On their part its really difficult to explain why do you NOT love them? At the same time its very guilt to see other person's selfless, unbounded LOVE towards yourself. You don't want to pity them but you can't fall in love with them just because they are in love with you. You don't want to be the reason for all the pains that other person is going through. You want to soothe them but feared of getting your friendly gesture mistaken for love or mutual feelings. 

Hence everyone is fighting it out, no matter on which side you are. But LOVE is worth fighting for ❤️